Advertise on the Skipton Charities Gala Website

For 2017 we are offering the following prices for a 12 month advertisement:

£20 - Directory Listing

You will receive an entry on our Directory page, including a link to your own website, your company name, address and telephone number.

£50 - Logo Entry

Your full colour or black and white image will be displayed on every page:

Four random adverts out of a maximum pool of 40 will be displayed at the right hand side of every page. These change to another random set of adverts every 30 seconds or when another page is visited. More than one advert can be purchased, allowing you a greater chance of your advert being displayed at any one time, however no more than one advert per subscriber will be displayed on screen at once.

Artwork can be accepted in most graphics formats but must be static (no animations or flashing) and be 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. If you have your own website then your advert will link to it. If you don't have your own website then we are able to create one for you, or you can just display your contact details in your advert.

You will also receive a free link on the Directory page (worth £20) and a 10% discount off an advert in the Gala programme.

For further information, please email