Programme of Events 2011

Arena One

2:15pm Crowning of the 2011 Skipton Charities Gala Queen 'Eva Garrett'
Opening of the Gala
2:30pm Accrington Pipe Band
2:45pm Martial Arts take to the Arena
3:00pm The Double Wheel of Death - The famous Vander Brothers
3:20pm King of the Low Wire 'Comedy Super Hero'
3:45pm First time Northern Dragon 'Chinese Dragon' takes to the Arena
4:00pm Cowboys entertain us
4:20pm Wheel of Death back to entertain
4:45pm Comedy Low Wire act back
5:00pm Cowboys 'Big Shoot Out'

Arena Two

2:30pm A first this year - Mini Rugby hits the Arena
3:30pm The famous 'Tug of War' takes place